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Dear All,

As you all may be aware,there have been lot of hue and cry on crew changes world wide and India being one of the major manpower supplying country to the Maritime Industry DG Shipping had Issued the 1st SOP for the crew changes on the 22nd April 2020.After that DG Shipping has issued various clarifications and addendum with regards to the crew changes in a controlled manner.

I have gone through all the orders,clarifications and addendum's issued till the 17th May 2020 and have put down my interpretation of the same.Hope you find it useful!

Sign on

1) Seafarer has to fill Form 1 (attached) for declaration of his movement for last 28 days

Annex 1
Download PDF • 453KB

2) Based on form 1,Doctor will give fitness to join ship

3) Epass will be generated by RPSL

Download PDF • 2.30MB
Details required for applying E pass

4) With the Epass a transit pass should be obtained based on the initial location of the seafarer and destination port of seafarer

5) Form I to be updated by RPS company

6) Ensure the vehicle is sanitized and seafarer is wearing proper PPE.

7) Before sign on ,the seafarer to be tested for covid-19 and should be negative

Additional for anchorages:

1) Crew change to e done only in Fair weather

2) Risk assessment to be done by the vessel

3) All other standard safety precaution to be taken and where possible all areas to be sanitized.

Sign off

1) All seafarers to wear proper PPE on arrival port

2) Seafarer once disembarked will directly got to testing facility for Covid-test

3) Till results come ,seafarer will be in quarantine

4) If the vessel is coming from foreign port,seafarer will be kept in quarantine for 14 starting from the departure date of the last port.

5) After 14 days

a. One more covid test to be conducted to confirm Negative status

b. RPSL will prepare Epass

c. Transit pass will be obtained for the destination of the seafarer

d. Proper PPE should be worn always and the vehicle should be sanitized properly

Additional for anchorages

1) Crew change to be done only in fair weather

2) Risk assessment to be done

3) Good seamanship and safety precautions to be followed.

Further clarification

1) Seafarers signed off from Indian flag ships operating exclusive on Indian coast ,harbour and EEZ are not required the 14 days quarantine if he is found negative after the Covid test.


1) In case of any difficulty is faced en-route for signing-on or after signing-off, the seafarer may

contact any of the following:

a) Contact details of e-pass issuing authority as mentioned under section in "pass details" /

b) DG Comm. center (022-22614646)

c) Subash Barguzer, Dy. DG [Crew] ( and /

d) Capt. (Dr.) A. Daniel J Joseph, Dy. DG [Tech.] (

2) Collection centre is required to be provided within the port limits for offsginers

3) Quarantine facilities can be either inside the port limits or can be outside also.

Please comment in case of any error or any clarification required

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