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Maritime Apps Galore!!!

Dear All, with the availability of the google and platforms for development of Apps, there have been developed 100s probably 1000s of Apps available for the Marine fraternity.

The Apps range from navigational Apps, various conversion apps, lot of listings of crewing agencies and other contacts to many knowledge sharing apps on nautical and Marine engineering subjects.

Also we have many ship owners, operators and managers having their own private Apps for their pool of seafarers.

These Apps even though might help the seafarers in some specific way, with the number of springing up every day, the choice is becoming mid boggling.

How many professional Apps should we install in our phones and how frequently we use them is the question we need to ask ourselves.

Self-have gone through various apps in the google play store and the below 3 categories of Apps seem to be downloaded the maximum

1) Navigation related Apps for small vessels including vessel location Apps

2) Cargo related Apps for Cargo quantity calculations and conversions

3) Weather related Apps for knowing the weather around

4) Rules of the Road Apps for learning and practicing ROR

5) Maritime Dictionaries

The new normal seems to be the world going towards contact less interactions where possible and hence the feeling is that we might have to install more and more Apps for our professional and personal life!

Please comment what Apps would you like to install for your professional and personal life.

Happy Installing!!!

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