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Opening a conversation!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi All Seafarers out there! My self Vijayaraghavan am starting this website as a communication platform with all seafarers in the world,to discuss the issues and challenges you face and what in my limited ability can solve.You can e free to talk to me about anything related to seafarers and we can discuss or find a solution together or decide that nothing can be done about the topic discussed ;)

To tell you about myself ,Iam a shippy I started my career some 25 years ago as a deck cadet and have worked on tankers/bulkers before shifting to office in crewing ,have done everything related to crewing from training to recruiting, counselling,dealing with challenges related to availability of crew,crew changes etc.I Left active sailing in 2006

Lets start chatting! put your remarks with your points and we can discuss.Also you can give me topics to write on related to crewing/training

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